8 Clever Posters That Show What The World Would Be If Animals Ruled Us

How many of us know chicken as a bird and not as a bird served on a plate? That is what the whole point is. We only know animals as living beings that make our lives convenient and entertaining. But just like us, they too have a heart beating inside. And every time they serve our purpose, their hearts beat faster so as to say, no I do not want to do that. I just want to be left in the wild doing my own thing.

Sure we know that! We know it all. But then how much we care about it? These posters shared by Gente Intelligente IQ will depict how it feels to be on the other side of the grass, and believe me, it is not pretty.

1. That’s how it feels when an important body part is chopped off. Ouch yet?

animals your boss-1
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Who would want to be at the receiving end of that? Animals on the other hand, are not given a choice.


2. We decorated our living spaces with stuffed dead animals, and then the times changed and situations reversed…

animals your boss-2
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Does the bear not seem evil now?


3. I kind of feel guilty of playing duck hunt video game now

animals your boss-3
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Because some of us grew up thinking it is okay to hunt the bird merely for fun.


4. If they were in charge…

animals your boss-4
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5. It “only” took a weapon and a life to make a show-stopper standard handbag

animals your boss-5
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But does our bloodied version look that pretty in croc’s arm?


6. Who is the master now when…

animals your boss-6
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…our senses have been cut off and our entire beings hypnotized with crazy training.


7. Not many of us may be aware of this,

animals your boss-7
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But feeding bread crumbs to pigeons can starve them to death.
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8. And the fun ride,

animals your boss-8
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Or may be it is exhausting now?
Just because they do not have the ability to fight for themselves, we find them weaker. But who said showing power over a weak is a sign of strength? These posters make us feel, almost literally, how pathetic life of an animal can be.

We all know how Karma plays but it is not too late to step back, is it? For starters, let’s put out water for birds and stop teaching our kids to hurl stones at street animals.

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