Quiz: Grew Up Watching Desi TV Serials? Identify These Shows Based On The Leading Jodis!

Once upon a time, way before the age of online streaming, desi TV serials were the ultimate source of entertainment, and my oh my were they filled with drama! Some of our first crushes were from these serials and much of our ideas about romance were derived from them. Hence, if you grew up watching TV serials, then identify which show these leading jodis are from!

1. Ram Kapoor and Sakshi Tanwar will forever be the OG romantic jodi! But which serial is this scene from?

2. How many of you remember this awesome TV serial?

3. Hint: He used to lovingly call her "Chashmish".

4. Jay Bhanushali became everyone's heart-throb after this!

5. She was a Cadet. He was the Captain.

6. No matter how adorable these two are, Dadisa definitely stole the show in this serial!

7. Who else remembers the beautiful, beautiful intro song?

8. The baap of all Hindi TV serials!

9. A village boy with an agenda. A city girl finding love.


Pics Source: YouTube, Hotstar.

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