Ibrahim Ali Khan Is Basically Saif Ali Khan From ‘Hum Tum’, Desis Share Hilarious Jokes

Saif Ali Khan’s genes are like precision engineers – they never miss the mark! Ibrahim, Taimur, and Jeh didn’t just inherit their father’s DNA; they practically borrowed his face. It’s a genetic jackpot where Saif’s resemblance to Saif is outshined by how much more Ibrahim resembles Saif! It’s a family photo album with a touch of genetic copy-paste perfection.

For example, a user on X (formerly Twitter) @killTMpls shared two pictures – one of Saif Ali Khan from ‘Hum Tum’ channelling his “Tom Cruise look” and the other of Ibrahim Ali Khan. Ibrahim Ali Khan basically looks like Saif from ‘Hum Tum’!

The resemblance is uncanny!

This led to people cracking hilarious jokes about their similarities! Because this is typically a case of Ctrl C-Ctrl V, if you know what we mean. 😛 It’s almost as though God created Saif, and realized how perfect his creation was, so he decided to shower the world with more such perfections!

Ibrahim Ali Khan in a Bollywood rom-com movie is what we all deserve! 😀

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