Iconic ‘I Amsterdam’ Sign Removed Due To Overcrowding, Netizens Post Pics To Commemorate It

Every city has something iconic about it which you’ve to be a part of, in case you visit the place. For example, if you go to Kolkata and not eat a rosogolla then what’s the point of making the effort to go there? If you visit Paris, are you really going to come back without visiting the Eiffel Tower? And similarly, if you are in Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum, it was customary to take a pic in front of the ‘I Amsterdam’ sign.

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However, that might not be the case anymore.

Recently, the Instagram page named ‘I Amsterdam’ announced that the selfie-worthy sign has been removed. And the reason is overcrowding.

According to News 18, this decision was taken after the UN World Tourism Organisation studied Amsterdam for their report of urban tourism. The report recommended developing tourist activities outside the city center and away from popular places like the Rijksmuseum.

So, unfortunately, the place looks like this now:

So sad. Alexa, please play ‘Jag soona soona lage’.

Netizens were admittedly miffed about the whole affair and posted pictures of themselves with the ‘I Amsterdam’, as if to mourn its “passing”.

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Adiós a “I AMSTERDAM” 🇳🇱 frente al Rijksmuseum . El día de ayer fueron retiradas estas icónicas letras que tanto encantaban ❤️ 📸: @elpasedeabordar . Después del 10 años, el parlamento regional 🇳🇱votó para que se retiraran al considerar que daba una visión demasiado individualista de la ciudad y para disminuir la saturación de personas en la zona. . . Qué opinas??..tu tienes foto ahí? Si vas próximamente, busca su ubicación actual porque estarán cambiando de lugar o busca la del aeropuerto de Schiphol que son igualitas pero mas pequeñas. . Esta foto 📸 la tomamos el año pasado por la tarde. Al ser un sitio super popular no pudimos hacer que saliera sin gente 😢 (nuevamente no madrugamos 😂) nota: soy la que esta sentada 😁 . Todo sobre nuestro viaje a Amsterdam 🇳🇱 en nuestro blog 📝 elpasedeabordar.com

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That said, all’s not sour and gloomy. The sign will be making the rounds of the city, mainly in lesser-known areas to highlight their existence. So, if you’re in Amsterdam, you can catch the sign at Student Hotel. It’ll be there till December 12th and will then be moved to Westerpark near Pacific Parc restaurant.

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