Husband Forgets Wife After Pee Break On Road Trip, Leaves Her Behind & Drives For 150 Kms

You know how there are several stereotypes associated with husbands – like how they always leave the wet towel on the bed, how they never really take anything seriously and have a ‘jo hoga dekha jayega’ attitude or how they are forgetful even about important things? Well, this one husband from Thailand has got the third stereotyped mentioned absolutely on spot.

According to a report by NDTV, the husband forgot his wife and left her behind after taking a pee break during a road trip and drove as far as 159.6 kilometres without realising she isn’t inside the car.

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The man and woman in question are 55-year-old Boontom Chaimoon and 49-year-old Amnuay Chaimoon who have been married for 27 years. Here’s what actually happened.

The two were on a road trip to Maha Sarakham Province. All was good until the husband found the urge to pee. So he pulled over to the roadside and took a toilet break. This was at 3 AM.

The wife, on the other hand, wanted to pee as well and so, she got out of the car and went to a nearby jungle to relieve herself. When the husband came back, he didn’t realise his wife wasn’t inside the car. He thought she was sleeping peacefully in the back seat. Hence, he started driving again, leaving behind his wife.

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When the wife came back from the jungle, she found that both her husband and the car were gone. She had also left her cell phone inside the car. Scared, she started walking ahead. It wasn’t until she walked for 20 kilometres that she found the local police in the district of Kabin Buri at 5 AM.

She didn’t have her husband’s mobile number memorized so she called on her own number about 20 times but her husband didn’t pick up. Finally, at 8 AM, when he had already driven for over 150 kilometres, the cops got in touch with the husband. He quickly turned the car around and drove back to his wife, reported Times Now.

Upon reaching, he apologized to his wife continuously but surprisingly, she didn’t say anything to him! ūüėõ

What a couple!

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