Hugh Jackman Called SRK His Dancing ‘Mentor’ And SRK’s Response Was Charm Personified!

Bollywood and Hollywood are two fantastical worlds full of stars that we all have vested interests in. Every time these two words collide, the resultant explosion, however small it may be, always catches our fancy. And if it involves mega stars like SRK and Hugh Jackman, it is going to be phenomenal, no doubt!

Remember the time when SRK made Hugh Jackman dance in true Bollywood style at FICCI?

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Well, their camaraderie began years ago when SRK met Jackman at a party and bonded over dancing. Over time, they’ve enjoyed a mutual admiration society.

In fact, wait till you hear what extremely sweet things the sharp-clawed Wolverine said about SRK in a recent interview!

Hugh Jackman’s recently released movie, The Greatest Showman is a musical through and through, and the actor has busted out some crazy dance moves in it. And guess who was his inspiration for it? His ‘mentor’ Shah Rukh Khan!

Calling SRK “Bollywood’s greatest showman”, Jackman said,

“I have done a lot of dancing and singing in this film and I had Shah Rukh Khan in mind while shooting for it. He is my mentor and I need to take more dance lessons from him. I have also done the signature SRK move, spreading my arms wide.”

He didn’t just say this, BTW. He actually spread his arms wide in true SRK style on the red carpet for everyone to see! I’d like to think he nailed it!

His love for SRK goes far beyond just dancing lessons. When asked who he would want playing his character if the movie were ever taken to Bollywood, he had one answer.

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Two answers, actually. He initially insisted that he would play the role himself because he’d love to work in a Bollywood film. But then, taking the ‘just kidding’ plea, he finally gave an answer:

“I would love to see Shah Rukh in the Indian version of this film.”

Excellent choice, sir, if I may say so!

Now SRK, as we all know, sprouts charm as easily as drawing breath. And when he replied to Hugh Jackman’s remark, he was charm personified as always!

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Notice that wonderful twist he’s given to the phrase ‘sheep in a wolf’s clothing’ by turning it into ‘showman in wolverine’s clothing’? Oh Rahul!

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time Jackman has expressed interest in SRK reprising the desi version of his roles. During an interview with Rajeev Masand around the release of his Wolverine swansong Logan, the actor had nominated SRK to play Wolverine!

I still think that would be a great idea, TBH. Besides, SRK doesn’t even need adamantium claws. His sharp AF wit could cut through anything!

But awwww these two guys, giving us more reasons to swoon over their bromance! Just do a movie together already! Preferably a musical, please? We’ll call it Jab Logan Met Rahul!

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