People Hilariously Tweet Movie Plots After Someone Asked, “How Did You Meet Your Partner?”

While scrolling through Twitter, you ought to find people debating and discussing things you might have no clue about. Some can even be seen indulging in activities that would make you quip, “Inkey pass boht free time hai.”

We stumbled upon one such Twitter thread wherein people were sharing their love stories. The thread blew up online when a user asked, “How did you meet your partner?”.

Some people were genuine enough to share their personal stories of meeting their partners via friends or at college. However, many hilariously posted the exact plot of movies from Bollywood, Tollywood, and other film industries across the world. Take a look:

Such a ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ plot.

That’s ‘Minnale’, the 2001 romantic Tamil film which came in Hindi as ‘Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein’

People were reminded of the Nigerian movie ‘The Mad Prince And I’ on reading this story.

Simran and Raj finally got married.

‘Dreamgirls’, is that you?

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Here are some more film plots that people had a gala time guessing.

Are these legit? Who knows!

After going through these insane plots, I’m not sure which ones are fake, which ones are true and which ones are lifted from already-released movies. LOL!

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