Guy Gets Homeless Woman A Beautiful Home & Job After Raising ₹42 Lakh, Watch Wholesome Video


Many people donate clothes and utilities to the needy, some prepare hot meals for them, but only a few go above and beyond to make sure they have a decent place to live and a job that makes them financially secure.

Los Angeles-based jewelry designer and philanthropist Isaiah Garza met a homeless woman named Robin Clayton in August. She was barefoot so he asked for her shoe size and returned with a new pair of shoes. Subsequently, he took her grocery shopping, and on another trip, he took her to a salon to get her hair and nails done.

He didn’t stop there though. According to Times Now News, he crowdfunded $58,000 (Rs. 42.5 lakh), bought her an apartment, and gave her the keys in December. He has paid the bills for a year and is also working to set up a business for her. Mail Online quoted him saying,

“She has struggled her entire life. She lost her child when her daughter was only two years old and has been a victim of abuse. She was forced out on the streets trying to escape the abuse & ended up just staying on the streets.”

After 10 years of living on the streets, this is how she felt about having a place to call her own:


We hope that Robin can now stand on her own two feet and create a beautiful future for herself through her new business.

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