Twitter Condemns Waiter For Berating Homeless Kids & Shooing Them Away From The Restaurant

Social media has today become like this self-proclaimed watchdog that keeps calling out the evils of society in order to keep it in check. And this time, it’s a waiter at a pizza joint that is being schooled for mistreating homeless kids who entered the outlet and sat at the tables.

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A video shared by Twitter user Hatinder Singh shows a couple of kids sitting at the table moments before they are shooed away by a server from a Sbarro outlet.

Sharing the video, Singh wrote that if the kids had paid for food, they should be allowed to sit inside the premises of the store. The fact that someone’s financial status decides if they should be treated with respect and dignity shows how flawed our society is.

It’s unclear whether the kids ordered something or were just sitting inside the store.

Whatever the case may be, people online were irked by the actions of the waiter. They also reprimanded the person filming the video for not intervening.

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The disrespect is uncalled for. The ill-treatment of the little kids when the establishment is visibly empty was unnecessary. But would you prefer sitting next to them with your kids and eating? Or even thinking of entering a place crowded with them? Just truly answer this to yourself.

We, as a society, are flawed. The moment we are okay with sharing our space with people who don’t look a certain way or belong to a certain class or financial status, that very moment, the problem will be resolved.

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