This Picture Has Six Hidden Words Inside. Is Your Eyesight Good Enough To Spot Them?

Quick question, Who likes a good riddle?

Duh, everyone likes a good mind bender dude, that was a stupid question.

Sorry, my bad.

Okay, I sincerely apologise for the above conversation that I had with myself. But, here’s a fun puzzle for you.

Below is a picture of kids playing in the ice-skating rink. Pretty cool (like literally), right? All you gotta do is find the six hidden words in this image. Easey-peasey? So, go on, test your brain a little.

Image Source

If you found all the words, you’re awesome.

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If you couldn’t, don’t worry, we got you covered. Just scroll down for the answer.

Image Source

Now that you see it, the words were right in front of your eyes the whole time.

Source: Playbuzz, Highlights

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