The Crowdsourced Indian ‘Hello Moto’ Music Video Is The Funkiest New Thing!

Remember the catchy one-liner ‘Hello Moto’ that got stuck in your head and came out every time you wanted to greet someone? Now, I don’t know how many of you ‘believe’ in evolution, but when your adolescence was THAT happening, you can only imagine how cool your adulthood will be!

Actually, you don’t have to. Not anymore! Thanks to the Moto Spotlight 2.0 competition, the all-new ‘Hello Moto’ music video is here with a quirky ring to it! Hold on, it gets better. The uber cool song is crowdsourced from winning entries from people like you and me. I can go about telling you how beautiful and colourful our country is and how this competition has brought out the best of all the creative fields and culture, but Nucleya has done that through this kickass track!

The music video entails the hard work of the winners in all categories- of Film, Photography, Music and Art, who were mentored by industry experts like Pooja Bhatt, Atul Kasbekar, Nucleya, Shane and Falguni; and features them in all their glory too. Needless to say, the collaboration has only made the making more enriching and fun!

What are you waiting for? Groove in and let the music do the talking!

This story is brought to you in association with Moto India