12 Signs You Absolutely Hated Your History Class In School


Remember those boring history lectures in school when you always fell asleep? Maybe you don’t because you were busy sleeping. Are you still wondering what made the lecture or the subject so boring? Was it because the professors didn’t make it interesting or it was just you who never enjoyed History.

If you belong to the category who always fell asleep or tried too hard to stay awake during History lectures, then you will definitely relate to this.

1. You hated the days when you had History lectures


Every time you packed your bag according to the timetable you went all – ugh!


2. God forbid if the lecture was post lunch break, then you knew you’d by default fall asleep


You tried really hard to stay up, but couldn’t help yourself while losing out on your head on hand balance.


3. You always scored terrible marks and it was a no surprise


You had to study really hard to pass that subject.


4. Generally the only way you cleared that subject was by combining History-Geography marks


And Civics – Economics were another plus 1 annoying subjects.


5. Your relations with your History teachers were never good


You had nothing against them, but the subject was so boring in itself that it also made the teachers look bad.


6. Dates. You absolutely hated that part, because you could never ever ever remember the dates


Like you really cared about when and on which date things happened. :-/


7. Copying during exams was a real task. You had absolutely no idea about what to copy


Forget about knowing what was in the subject, but knowing what to copy during exams was also a task.


8. You could never understand people who claimed to love that subject


Always wondered how boring they and their choices are.


9. You could never understand History in your school or your tuitions


The subject was equally boring everywhere.


10. Your teachers tried really hard to explain you the subject in simple words


But even the simple words started sounding complicated.


11. You tried to mug up the answers just to pass the test


But one distraction while writing the answer and you had a huge blank space in your head.


12. Visiting historical monuments and museums is fun, because you like thinking about the kings and queens living there and imagining all the wars that they fought


But the moment the guide starts telling you about the history, your mind automatically starts wandering around.

History must be fun for others, but it definitely was never fun for you. It always always made you sleep and feel horrible about yourself for not having any interest in the legends from the past.

Hope talking about the subject ‘History’ did not make you fall asleep already. 😛

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