Haryana Makes Sit-Ups Mandatory In Govt Schools, Calls It “Super Yoga For The Brain”!

Very recently, we celebrated International Yoga Day after the second time Prime Minister of India proposed it to the United Nations General Assembly in 2014. Everyone knows how our PM is firm on bringing Yoga into the lives of every individual, irrespective of their age or gender.

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Keeping in line with his untamed efforts to make Yoga a way of life, Haryana School Education Board on Thursday came up with a pilot project to encourage kids to adopt Yoga. The State School Education Board made sit-ups compulsory during the morning assembly, contending that it will be a “super yoga for the brain”. Students will now have to do 14 sit-ups every day that will allegedly increase their brain’s efficiency.

According to NDTV, Education Board Secretary Rajeev Kumar said, “Students will do sit-ups with hands on their ears during the morning assembly. This will sharpen their brain and help in retainment of the memory.”

The project will be kick-started in Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan School in Bhiwani district on a pilot basis. Students will start to perform ”super brain yoga” in the next few days after schools reopen Monday.

“This will not be levied as a punishment. It is super brain yoga. It has been scientifically proven that it increases brain efficiency,” he further added.

Of course, netizens had suggestions and opinions on this mandate:

Yes, any form of physical exercise is helpful for the body, mind and soul. But shouldn’t the Education Board practice what they preach? What do you think?

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