Woman Describes Hook-up To BFF, Ends Up Saying More About Guy’s Home Decor Than Sex!


There are a lot of things that go through one’s mind before going over to a partner’s place for the first time. Informing our best friend about our plans and the address (safety first), buying protection (safety always first), the clothes we’ll wear, taking consent, and discussing each other’s preferences/limits. Apart from all this, the person whose home it is also has to make sure everything is spic and span because that is a definite turn on.

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Recently, Twitter user Asmita shared the story of her friend who was totally impressed by a guy’s home. She described in detail how neatly the bed was made, the well-stocked kitchen and bar and the many photographs and books that lined the walls.

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Some people shared similar experiences and remarked how as we get older, we tend to appreciate ‘adult’ homes more than other qualities while others compared her to Monica Geller from ‘Friends’.

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Wondering if we’ll find someone with a gorgeous home. Or better yet, impress others with our beautiful apartment 😛

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