Guy Uses A Gas Lighter To Curl A Woman’s Hair In This Mind-Blowing Desi Jugaad

When I was much younger, there was no way in which I could get my hands on hair-styling accessories. Since I come from a middle-class family, the idea of straightening, curling or smoothening your hair seemed like something only rich people do. So like every other middle-class person, I had to resort to jugaads to style my hair. For example, who needs a curling iron when you can just braid your wet hair at night and wake up in the morning with beautiful natural curls?

Similarly, one guy used a mind-blowing technique to curl another woman’s hair. All he needed was a gas lighter used in the kitchen and a burning stove. He heated the body of the gas lighter on the fire emerging from the stove. He then curled a bunch of the woman’s hair and wollah! The hair looked as though it was curled by a curling iron!

Here’s a look at the video:

A lot of people online were left amused by this technique. However, there were also some who claimed that they used to use this technique in the past when they did not have a curling iron! Here’s a look at some of the responses:

Desis are indeed the baap of jugaads!

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