Desis Hilariously React To Woman Who Got Impressed As A Guy Travelled 18Kms To Meet Her

Some of my female friends have such low standards for men that it’s hilarious. One of them legit cried after a guy gave her a few heartfelt compliments about a few pages that she wrote. Making such a big deal out of small efforts goes on to show how low the bar is for men!


For example, one girl named Tanya tweeted in disbelief that a guy drove 18 kilometers to meet her after she said that she wasn’t feeling good.

You would expect that people online lauded the guy. But no. Indians on the internet had the most savage reactions to her tweet. Some revealed that they have travelled longer distances to eat something they were craving.

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Have a look:

Behen, thoda standards badha le!😭

Cover image source: I, II.

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