Guy Slams Women For Having Unprotected Sex & Contraceptives As If Men Have No Role In It

In our society, there is no stigma attached to a man who has a lot of sex, unprotected or otherwise. But women are judged for having an active sex life, being on prescribed birth control, consuming the morning-after pill, etc. When a woman is spotted with birth control medication, she is instantly shamed – first for having sex in the first place and second, for apparently “harming” her body with “unnatural” medication.

For example, a guy named Prateek Aaryan, who has zero knowledge about a woman’s body whatsoever, took to X (formerly Twitter) to bash women for engaging in unprotected sex and relying on contraceptive pills to prevent unwanted pregnancy. It is as if only women engage in unprotected sex and men have no role to play in this act. Is the woman having unprotected sex with herself? Or is she holding the man at gunpoint and demanding him to not wear a condom?

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“Women nowadays are stooping to new lows; initially, they engage in unprotected sex and rely on contraceptive pills shown in TV ads to prevent unwanted pregnancies, which are not completely safe and can harm their bodies. They are buying and using these pills without any consultation, not realizing that it not only affects their own lives but also destroys the families they might be a part of in the future,” the guy wrote.

He went on to copy-paste word-by-word the first result of a simple Google search.

“Side Effects of I-Pill Tablets: A high hormone dose disrupts the usual menstrual cycle, and the woman may bleed irregularly or experience delayed menses in the following month. Long-term use may lead to the risk of breast and cervical cancer. Excessive use can lead to problems with fertility in the future, and they might face difficulties becoming mothers. When people find out about their history, they make excuses, saying that their past was safe, but it wasn’t.”

Have a look at his post here:

Firstly, no uterus no opinion.

Secondly, the effects of contraceptive pills vary from person to person and it is best to consult a certified doctor in order to prevent any health mishaps and not rely on random people on the internet for information.

And thirdly, many women have to rely on contraceptive pills because the men they are having sex with refuse to use protection, get a vasectomy, or pull out at the right time.

Several people online slammed the guy for his downright misogynistic post. After all, why aren’t men being held accountable? A few doctors too responded to the post and gave their two cents on using contraceptive pills after unprotected sex.

Have a look:

Only women nowadays are “stooping to new lows” it seems. What about the men?

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