Guy Shares Beer Pic On Family WhatsApp Group & Shocks Parents, Sister Shares Screenshots

Some of us are blessed to have ‘chill’ parents. Others tend to walk on eggshells around them. They never let their parents know if they are dating somebody, going out for a party, or having a drink because if they do, hell would break loose.

But one guy made the blunder of sharing a picture of a beer on his family WhatsApp group. He was cheering for Mumbai Indians during the ongoing Indian Premier League and decided to share the happy moment with his family.

However, his parents’ instant reaction was “Kya???” and “Tum beer peete ho???”


Realizing that he is in deep trouble, his sister Saniya messaged him personally and asked him to delete the picture from the family group chat. But in a state of panic, instead of deleting the picture for everyone, he deleted it only for himself!

Saniya shared screenshots of their conversation on Twitter and wrote, “No way my brother sent this on the family group.”

Have a look:

People online were hilariously concerned for the guy’s safety. While some suggested plausible excuses for him to tell his parents, others congratulated her for becoming the future sole member of the family’s wealth. Have a look:

Sometimes we overestimate our parents. But then we are brought back to reality very quickly! 😛

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