Guy Joins New Job & Finds Out Fellow Freshers Earn 50% More Than Him, Seeks Advice

When you sit down for an interview and your employer asks for your salary expectations, it’s a tricky moment. What a lot of people don’t know is that they need to research the industry standards to find out how much others with the same experience are earning. Some are also scared to ask for the pay package they deem fit so as to not offend the employer.

One software fresher took to Reddit under the subreddit r/India to share how on the first day of his new job, he found out that his fellow freshers will be earning 50% more salary than him. This is because, when the employers asked him his salary expectations, he quoted a comparatively low salary and that’s what he is getting.

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“Found out that my colleagues are getting paid 50% higher than me on the first day of work. What can I do? I’m a software fresher and joined my company today for the first time and after talking with other freshers I came to know that they are getting paid 50% higher than me for the same fresher role,” he wrote.

Another reason for this could be that he was hired off-campus while his colleagues were hired in-campus. However, now he wants advice on how to increase his salary and match up to his peers.

“I was hired off-campus and everyone else was hired in-campus from various different colleges. They asked for my expectations and I gave them the lower amount which is what they are paying me now. Saying anything now is probably not the best idea since they are paying me as per my expectations right? How long should I wait and who should I talk to regarding this?”

Have a look at his post here:

Found out that my colleagues are getting paid 50% higher than me on first day of work. What can i do? from india

People online offered GOLD advice. They suggested that instead of speaking to HR right away, he should gain at least one year of experience and then bring up the topic of a salary raise or look for better-pay opportunities elsewhere.

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And he decided to go with their advice – to gain more expertise, prove his worth, and then ask for more money.

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