Guy Caught Using Snapchat Filters On ‘Jawan’ Inside Movie Theatre, Video Is Hilarious!

Snapchat filters were meant to be these magical makeup artists of the digital world that could turn a potato into a prince in no time. But it really has become the bane of our existence. Now they have come up with horrifying filters that make a person look worse than the ‘NUN’.


Here is an example. A guy who went to watch ‘Jawan’ in the theatres was caught using Snapchat filters on the actors on the screen. The filter turned one of the most beautiful people alive, Deepika Padukone, into a legit ghost.

A video of him experimenting with the filters was recorded by a fellow member of the audience who shared it on Instagram and wrote, “Full paisa vasool moment”.

Here’s a look at the video:


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Thank you, Snapchat, for making us all look ridiculous as though we belong in a comedy sketch.ūüėí

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