Move Over Y’all! British ‘Grannies’ Busting Bhangra Moves Are Breaking The Internet.

In this age, I’m sure, you’ve watched a lot of things going super viral, in ways that put super to shame. While I wish I had a penny everytime someone said, ‘Now, I’ve seen everything’, the encompassing power of the term ‘EVERYTHING’ sure surprises me! And I repeat, especially in today’s time and date.

Basking in the boon, that is social media, I take pride in informing you that another video has gone viral and it has British grannies, dancing, doing some mad Balle Balle! You heard that right!

So much so that the wave has hit home and Anand Mahindra, Executive Chairman, Mahindra Group, took to Twitter and shared how ‘cool’ he feels Bhangra is!

However, don’t be fooled. These ‘grannies’ are in fact middle-aged women to belong to a theatre group called, Fizzog Productions.


In fact, Fizzogs Dancing Grannies, are a big hit with people who love the energy and synergy they bring to the mundane lives of the bypassers. Here’s another earlier video of the trio, that went viral. 

I mean really, how often do you see something like this? That’s right. NEVER!