Desis Reimagine Bollywood Stars As Their Grandparents Stuck In Hilarious Situations

Just like we wake up every morning, not knowing what lies ahead, Twitter is also that unpredictable place where you can never guess what will be trending next.

After indulging in the ‘In Search Of Gold, We Lost Diamond’ Trend, people have now started imagining their grandparents as iconic people from back in time.

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According to News18, this unique trend took over after a Twitter user tweeted a black and white picture of Hollywood actors Keira Knightley and Cillian Murphy and joked that the stars were their grandparents.

And since then, people have been sharing greyscale pictures of iconic stars and calling them their forerunner in some really funny moments.

Well, desis also jumped onto the bandwagon and imagined celebrities as their ancestors. Take a look:

Looks like everyone on Twitter suddenly realized how famous their grandparents are. LMFAO!

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