Patna’s Graduate Chaiwali Weeps As Municipality Confiscates Her Cart For The 2nd Time, Watch

Our society is so messed up that the moment a woman takes a step out of her home, people, including other women, come together to pull her back. It’s sickening to see women facing so much prejudice just because they want to prove to the world that they are more than just pretty faces good enough only to take care of the household.

Priyanka Gupta, popularly known as ‘Graduate Chaiwali’, took the leap of faith and jumped into the business sector to become a successful entrepreneur.


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Her story is as interesting as it gets. After graduating in Economics, she set up her ‘chai ki tapri’ near Patna Women’s college and became an online sensation overnight. Her unconventional venture and her determination to do something for herself made her the talk of the town.

But just like in Bollywood movies, the moment someone starts becoming the hero of the story, several villains spring to action to put roadblocks in their lives.

In Gupta’s life, the Patna Municipal Corporation became the antagonist, trying to stop her from flying high by confiscating her tea stall multiple times.

Taking to her social media, Gupta recently posted a heartbreaking video sharing her plight. Sobbing her eyes out, Gupta shared via the video that the Patna Municipal Corporation authorities took over her tea stall for the second time.

In the video, she said that here in Patna, people indulge in a lot of illegal activities but the authorities turn a blind eye to them. However, they are after her even though she has the commissioner’s permission to set up her cart for the time being.

Hence, she decided to put an end to her venture and return the money to everyone who was interested in getting the franchise of her business.


But after posting this worrisome video, she was quick to take it down and posted another post about not losing hope and being determined if she wants to be a successful entrepreneur.

In her latest post, she wrote that people were concerned about her taking her business down. Many motivated her to fight this roadblock and not give up on her dreams.

She wrote in Hindi, “Aaj itne saare comments pdhe maine, sbne kaha didi aap haar nhi maan skti….ha emotional hu main….pl me sb chhorke jaane ki baat krne lgi… wkt rone ka nhi tha…. patience k saath kaam lene ka tha….aise main ek successful entrepreneur nhi bn skti jaisa aaj give up krne ka socha maine….ab chahe jo bhi ho ek mature person k trh apne kaam ko handle krna hai mujhe… rone se kuchh nhi hone wala…I have to behave like an entrepreneur then only I will be able to become a successful entrepreneur.”

(Today, many people told me to not give up. Yes, I’m a bit emotional. I wanted to leave everything and go. But this is not the time to cry as it’s time to deal with things patiently. With this attitude, I can’t be a successful entrepreneur. But now, whatever comes my way, I will deal with it like a mature person. I have to behave like an entrepreneur then only I will be able to become a successful entrepreneur.)


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People were delighted to see that she has decided to fight this battle and not give up.

Just like a villain is important to the movie’s plot, this intervention by the municipality was also important to make her realize that she’s a fighter and that fighters never give up. You go, girl!

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