GOT Fever: Western Railway Urges Passengers To Be Like ‘Lannisters’ By Always Buying Tickets

It’s finally that happy time of the year when Game Of Thrones rules everyone’s lives. Fan or no fan, you cannot escape the effect of the beloved show that we have been waiting for since two years!

From social media to general conversation, GOT is everywhere, and not even Western Railway could shield itself from the virus that is the show!

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One of the symptoms of the GOT-fever is that everyone starts speaking in the GOT language. Women addressing each other as Khaleesi, people sipping wine (or even cold drinks for the matter) being all Tyrion-y, couples calling each other their ‘sun and stars’, or teachers telling their students “You know nothing”… you basically get the drill.

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So, Western Railway hilariously took advantage of this and came up with their own GOT-way of asking people not to travel without a ticket, because somehow desis get a kick out of doing that!

Twisting the popular Lannister phrase “A Lannister Always Pays His Debts”, the railway shared an important message about carrying a legit ticket during the journey and to not buy ‘black tickets’ from touts.

In case you missed the dialogue in the series, here is a badass Tyrion pulling it off after escaping a threatening imprisonment and near-death situation.

Fans were left mighty impressed by Western Railway keeping up with popular trends!

Let’s just say fans cry happy tears every time someone new joins the fandom!

Valar Morghulis!

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