This 24-Year-Old Girl Googled ‘Methods To Commit Suicide’ But It Ended Up Saving Her Life

Broken relationships seems to be one of the most significant causes of suicide attempts in the country. You often see headlines like ‘woman ends life after quarrel with lover’ or ‘lovers spat leads man to end life’. Whenever I see these I often wonder: why give up on as precious a thing as life over a single failed relationship? It’s just not worth it.

After her boyfriend refused to marry her due to pressure from his family, 24-year-old girl from Bareilly decided to Google methods to commit suicide. However, instead of what she had asked for, Google returned numerous suicide helpline numbers.

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To the programmer who decided to build this feature into the Google algorithm, I salute you.


One of the numbers that the search engine returned was the deputy inspector general of police, Jitendra Kumar Shahi. She called the number and opened up to him about her predicament.

“I heard her out and told her to come to my office so we could talk about it in detail.”

The girl arrived at the DIG’s office and narrated her whole story. The guy that she was seeing for several years got a government job and refused to marry her after coming under pressure from his family.


She was devastated to a point where ending her own life seemed like the only means of escape.

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“This girl was just deeply traumatised and wanted help. She made no allegations against her boyfriend and in fact spoke warmly of him.”

The DIG later asked the station officer of the women’s police station to counsel the couple. The counselling sessions were organised, one with the girl by herself and one with the guy and the girl together.

The fate of their relationship still remains unclear. However, one thing’s for certain, the girl will not be inclined to suicidal thoughts again.

All thanks to Google for not doing precisely what it was asked to do but rather what needed to be done.

News Source: The Times of India

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