Dad Leaves 3 YO Girl Alone For 10 Mins, Returns To Find She Ate 18 Cups Of Yoghurt

Do you know what parents of young kids are afraid of the most? Leaving their kids alone!

Parents are usually blamed for being “too anxious” and not enjoying alone time when their babies are away from them. The truth is, they usually aren’t anxious thinking something bad would happen to the baby. Instead, they fear that in their absence the baby might bring the whole house down!

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Speaking of leaving babies alone, one dad left her 3-year-old daughter alone for 10 minutes inside the house while he did some gardening outside. When he came back inside, he was shocked to find that the tiny girl had devoured 18 cups of yoghurt!

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According to a report by Mirror UK, the dad did a quick check of the room to see if the yoghurt was used to “redecorate the walls”. However, on discovering no trace of it, he asked the little girl whether she ate it all. And the girl proudly claimed ‘yes’, and held her spoon as if to say “give me more”!

Her dad had to wipe her face as it was entirely covered with the yoghurt.

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The Sun revealed that the mother at first didn’t believe it. In fact, she said that there was “no way” the 3-year-old could have eaten it all.

That evening when both the parents went out for a movie, they left their daughter at her grandparent’s house and warned them that her tummy might not be right. However, to their surprise, the grandparents informed them later that she was absolutely fine!

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Now that’s the kind of metabolism we need!

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