This Girl Singing ‘Gayatri Mantra’ Publicly In Pak Is A Ray Of Hope For Minorities There

When the Britishers left the Indian shores in 1947, they didn’t just leave a colony after looting it completely, but also a sharp divide between the two major religious communities in the region that caused the division of the nation into two.

Fast forward 70 years and the two divided nations, which were once comprised people speaking the same language and sharing the same culture are now rivals at every front. There is a huge contrast in the socio-economic conditions of people living on the opposite side of the border too. While India decided to keep its secular fabric intact, giving every citizen equal rights, regardless of their caste, religion or sex, Pakistan chose a completely different road altogether.

While individuals belonging to minority communities in India became Presidents, Prime Ministers, renowned actors, athletes and attained many other important positions, those in Pakistan suffered humiliation, forced conversions and whatnot. Reports of Hindus and Sikhs getting terrorised, their villages getting burnt, their daughters getting raped and sold in Pakistan are not new and sadly, no government in the history of the nation took a strong step to do anything about it.

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And that is why this Pakistani Hindu girl deserves applause from every single one of us.


At the Holi celebrations organised in Karachi, Pakistan, Narodha Malini, a Pakistani Hindu girl, sang the Gayatri Mantra in the presence of Pakistani PM, Nawaz Sharif.

In a nation where crimes against minorities are nothing new and militant groups like the Taliban don’t even allow Muslims to sing, the girl showed immense courage in singing the holy chant publicly.


Maybe I am a little too hopeful, but I actually expected PM Sharif to congratulate the girl or give an ‘attagirl!’ at the least, rather than mere claps and cold looks. Sadly, that didn’t happen.

It can be said that the PM attending an event like this is a good step in itself but think again, is it enough?


Here is the video of Narodha’s rendition, uploaded by National Advisor.

Various reports over the years have shown a sharp decline in the minority population in Pakistan, shouldn’t the Prime Minister be at least supportive of them for they are too, his own people.