Did You Know How The Night King From GOT Looks Like In Real Life? Have A Look!

For a very long time Game of Thrones fans had been waiting for “winter”, and it ultimately did come…but didn’t last that long (thanks Arya)! ‘Battle of Winterfell’ is still quite the internet’s favourite topic to talk about and it truly deserves all the hype that it’s been getting. Because c’mon, who thought the Night King could be defeated!

The very sight of the White Walkers is enough to dread them, let alone their super-natural powers making even dragon fire unable to kill them! They have always been figures of mystery and fear, giving us quite the anxiety attack whenever they got near to our beloved characters.

And of course, there is the Night King who would give Voldemort a tough competition in the area of being eerie and completely evil!

But do you know how the zombie-making, snowstorm-bringing, mass-murdering, icedragon-riding Night King looks like in real life? Prepare to get a real shocker.

Meet Vladamir Furdik a.k.a the Night King!

And look, the dude likes horses!

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My best friend from Malaysia

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And he also likes babies! Living, smiling, adorable babies…not zombies!

Turns out he played one of the stunts-men in S6E03 ‘Tower of Joy’ scene.

Vladimir being the least scary version of the Night King!

The Night King with his army of White Walkers!

And here’s NK showing some love.

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With Kristofer Hivju a big man with a big heart

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my hardest and most beautiful day #gameofthrones

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Never thought I’d say this but we’re definitely going to miss him in the show. He made the Night King terribly frightful but also a hell lot memorable! With one of the super sadistic villains gone, we’ll just have to wait for future events to unfold!

Valar Morghulis!

(All images were taken as screenshots from the episodes)

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