‘Garba Night, Annual Day Function’ Desis React To The Decorations Of G20 Summit Venue

For the unversed, the G20 or Group of Twenty is an international forum of major economies that brings together leaders from 19 individual countries and the European Union. It was established in 1999 in response to the financial crisis of the late 1990s and since then, it has become an important platform to address global economic and financial issues.

Every year there are summits held for the G20 and each member country gets to play the role of the host each year. This year, the host is India and the G20 Summit is being held at the newly constructed Bharat Mandapam Convention Centre in New Delhi from 9-10 September, reported India Today.

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For the occasion, the venue and its surrounding areas have been decked up in a grand way. The venue itself has been adorned with lights, flowers, posters, stone statues of lions, musical fountains, etc. An 8.5-metre statue of Nataraja has been installed at the entrance of the G20 summit venue, reported The National News.

However, the most striking of them all has been the light decorations of the venue, making it look like a laser light show. Here’s a video:

This video instigated several people online to hilariously compare the venue decorations to that of school annual day functions, weddings, and garba nights. Here’s a look at some of the best reactions to the video:

Do you like the decorations for the G20 Summit?

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