From Fryums To Boti, People Share Various Ways They Relished This Popular Childhood Snack


Buying imli, kachi kairi and 1 rupee frozen pepsi with my friends is the best memory of my childhood. And, even though my gang dines in fancy restaurants now, there’s something still magical about those corner wala shops we ran to after school.

Speaking of which, I recently stumbled upon a picture of one of my favorite raaste wala snacks. However, what’s intriguing about the picture shared by twitter user @realshailimore is its name. Do you remember the yellow fried snack that we used to put on our fingers and then savour? Well, apparently it’s known by different names in different cities.

So, twitter happily spelled out various names for ‘Bobby’ and shared delicious ways they relished the snack!

1. Well, this certainly is the right way! 

2. It is also called ‘Boti’ and is used to prepare a yummy chaat. Whaaat?! 

3. Someone called it finger chips too! 

4. People even dip it in their chai!

5. Many were reminded of their childhood too.

6. Fryums – this is what I used to call it. 

7. Why does this look so appetizing? 🤤

8. It was apparently called ‘Bobby’ in the 80s. Can someone please verify this? 😝

9. It surely doesn’t look like something that should be named ‘thoka’. 

10. Wearing it in all 10 fingers. Well, that was swag level 💯! 

11. A different name for every finger.🧐

12. We used to make this at home too. 

13. Goldfingers, fancy much? 😏

14. Now that’s a true desi name! 🔥

15. The name was not the same everywhere!

Many people also shared the names of the snack in different cities:

What did you call this yummy snack? Tell us!

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