10 Things That Happen When Your Friend Gets Access To Your Facebook Account

It’s the worst nightmare if your friend gets an access to your Facebook account or your unlocked phone. They can do some crazy wild things with it that will make you wonder whether you’re friends with enemies. At some point in life most of you have experienced that worst nightmare and regret till date.

Here is what happens when your Facebook account access is found in the wrong hands.

1. You suddenly get calls from people asking what your Facebook status is all about?

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You’re puzzled and instantly check what status they are talking about.


2. I am gay/ I am getting married/ I am lost, call me urgently/ I am single/ I am committed

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These are the things you find all over your wall


3. Sometimes your wall is flooded with your crazy flop photos

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You just want to bury yourself in the ground at that very moment.


4. You get calls from family and relatives asking whether you’re fine

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And you tell them the story of how your friend is messing around.


5. Friends requests are sent to random people

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You wonder how much more things can get worst and then…


6. A message is sent to your crush saying you like them

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And you just want to die at that very moment.


7. Crazy and lame comments on all those statuses

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Cuz they are your friends after all, they have to comment something lame to sound funny and irritate you much.


8. It irritates the crap out of you and you just curse yourself for leaving the window open

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While your friends are busy laughing, you’re busy deleting all those statuses.


9. You swear to God that you will take your revenge

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Wait for the opportunity, when your friend will leave their Facebook window open and when you will take your revenge.


10. And you again forget to shut your window

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Come back to see your friends did it again!

Such are your crazy friends who want to fool around with you all the time, but life without these fun pranks would have been really boring. Cuz your friends did something as crazy as that, your crush is aware about your feelings and you have started owning all those flop selfies, cuz that’s what makes you, you.
Cheers 🙂

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