With Sky-High Aspirations, Mumbai Footpath Dweller, Asma Scored 40% & Cleared Her SSC Exam


Students often take tuitions or attend private classes in order to score good marks during their board exams. However, not everyone has the privilege to do so. And, sometimes despite all the hardships few students face, they still pass with flying colors. Like, the Indore laborer’s daughter who passed her class X examination with first division or a 50-year old grandmother who cleared her class 12 after 32 years.

Speaking of which, meet Asma Sheikh, a 17-year-old from Mumbai, who scored 40 per cent in her SSC examination despite not having a roof over her head or any space to study. Asma, who has lived on the footpath all her life was quoted saying by HT,

“I have been working very hard to be able to study. I would even use the street light in the night, just to be able to read. I usually studied during the night because it is less crowded then.”

However, she mentioned that it was a challenge to study during the monsoon season. She added, “Yes it’s a bit difficult to study during the rainy season. But my father used to make a plastic shade.” Asma revealed that she was expecting to score more marks but is happy with her results.


The hard-working girl now wants to pursue further studies in Arts. She said, “I will be happy to get admission in any college and many people have come forward to help me and encourage me to study harder.” Her father Salim Sheikh was quoted saying, “I am very happy that my daughter has scored 40 per cent and it’s a proud movement for me. I only studied until the first standard. People staying here on the footpath hardly study.”


Salim, who doesn’t have permanent employment, makes odd sales like selling juice or corn on the streets of Mumbai so that he can make ends meet. The proud father said, “I came here with my father and have been living here since my childhood. I will be happy if my daughter can make her life stable and successful.”

Many people applauded Asma’s grit and determination to score well despite all the adversities she faced:

Hats off to Asma for her dedication and hard work. We wish her a bright and successful life ahead!

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