Job Ad In Goa Offers Food Delivery Guy Twice What A Teacher Makes, Gets Mixed Reactions

These days, we’re all prone to swiftly ordering delicious food in a couple of swipes. We might have food delivery start-ups to thank for those impulsive orders that sate sudden pangs. Yet, many of us can’t help but feel a little sorry for those hard-working delivery fellas who must rush our food to us come rain or thunder.

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After all, how much could they possibly make? Heavy slashed food discounts would have us believe, not much. Well, we couldn’t be more wrong. Recent evidence suggests they earn handsome salaries in addition to incentives.

A Redditor shared a screenshot of a job posting in Goa that was offering delivery boys Rs 22,000 per month. This struck some as quite ironic considering the next post was offering a teacher Rs 10,000 a month.

Delivery personnel earn monthly incentives for orders they deliver in a timely fashion, as well as incentives for deliveries during rush hours and the monsoon. Moreover, those residing in metropolitan cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bengaluru are remunerated as much as Rs 80 to Rs 120 per order, including incentives.

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All the while our educators are apparently offered far less. Moreover, not all food delivery start-ups require their employees to have a graduate’s degree and many offer part-time job opportunities to students. The Redditor felt quite strongly about this, for he wrote-

“And then they say quality of Education is going down. But apparently shaping young minds is not even as important as delivering food.”

Take a look at the job posting he shared-

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The post soon went viral as Redditors reacted to the post. Here’s what they had to say-

Some pointed out the variance in the pay offered at private schools as opposed to public schools.

Are we forcing our teachers to relocate?

Some argued that food delivery partners deserved to be paid more. Whereas, others hit the nail on the head pointing out that poor pay would eventually lead to inept teachers and cause the standard of Indian education to plummet.

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What do you believe is the solution? Bridging the gap between public and private sector remuneration scales in the education system or compelling our educators to find other means of gainful employment? Tell us in the comments!