3 Short Stories That Prove Friendship Exists In The Most Unexpected Situations

Friendship doesn’t see place or time, it sees the connection. You can find the closest friends in the most unexpected situations and we can bet they last way longer than the situation. It’s a feeling that exists even beyond the people and I’ll tell you a secret if you give it an opportunity, it can be stronger than love.

Here’s hoping you give friendship a chance to take over.

1.  Looking Through The Rear View Mirror.

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I was staring at myself in the mirror. No, it wasn’t a self obsession, I wasn’t the kind who’d willing take a selfie in public, so it was strange to look at this person standing in front of the mirror. She was staring at me decked in a heavy ghagra and huge golden necklaces that I thought wouldn’t be used for at least another 5 years. I started to apply my eyeliner again I couldn’t remember if it was mine or hers.

She’d leave her stuff all over the place anyway. And more often than not, trip face first, because of her own shit spread across our apartment’s messy floor. It was no point trying to remember if this was hers or not because at this point I was one hundred percent sure that, from the time I went with her to the zoo in playschool, I’d been using her stuff.

So it was no surprise that she was the first one to find out about Akshay. I still remember what she said ‘Finally, he’s realized what he was missing out on, now that you’ll are dating, you need to treat me to Dutch Truffle’.

 She’d been making plans for this day since we were 15.

What I’d wear, how she’d give me the first friendship bracelet I made her as something borrowed and old (even though it wasn’t in our tradition), what the wedding would look like with the purple and white decor.

I took a deep breath and started towards the door but I wasn’t thinking about how happy my life was going to be because tomorrow it would be 2 years since I attended my best friend’s funeral. As I walked out if the room and into the purple curtains and white table cloths, I half expected her to return from the latest party she’d gone to.


I touched her friendship bracelet on my wrist that the police had recovered from the scene of the accident and all I really wished for was a miracle to get my best friend back.



2. I Think It Was Samar

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‘Hi, did you catch the last episode of Awkward?’ I heard myself saying to this beautiful, tall girl, I just wanted her to like me and this was my way of breaking the ice in Bio class. She smiled and said ‘Team Matty all the way!’, I couldn’t help but smile, she was such a nice person even though she was one of the cool kids. Before I could reply, my attention turned to Samar, as he walked into class and sat all the way on the other side in his assigned seat with so much swag that it made me forget things.

I wasn’t head over heels in love, but it was heading in that direction. School time is a really unpredictable time, so I couldn’t be sure. He could charm the pants off of almost everyone, even professors and parents. He’d have absolutely no problem in winning people over.

His way with words was what reeled me in, but what made me stay was his nonchalance, he wasn’t obsessive or controlling.


He’d live his own life and I’d live my own and we’d meet in our safe sanctuary.

As I pour myself a glass of wine I can’t help but laugh at my ignorant teenage self because I still remember the day the tall girl came to my doorstep. Before she could explain, I knew why she was here, suddenly his nonchalance had an explanation and it’s beautiful face was staring me in the face. I was the other woman.

I took the bottle and filled the other glass to the brim and took it out to my roommate. I spread out on the sofa and handed her the glass, her long legs were dangling from the sofa’s hand rest when she said ‘Hey do you remember that guy we dated in high school, what was his name again?’. I smiled to myself as I said ‘I think it was Samar’.


3. He’s My Person, Now And Forever.

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Girls and guys can’t be friends. I never did nor will I ever believe that there is some truth in this because I have it. I walked into the office to find this new boy sitting in a seat next to me, I call him a boy because that’s exactly how he was, he’d managed to come to office in a loose t-shirt and bed hair and despite that, he was still the best-looking guy in the office.

While every girl in my team was busy fawning over him, I just wanted to get out of there and take a long smoke break. He still doesn’t admit it, but I stepped out of the door and from the corner of my eye I saw him following me. I waited for him to catch up because I could see the frustration on his face.

He stepped out and said ‘Do you want to go for a smoke?’ That was the first of a billion smoke breaks we went on for the next 10 years.


We spoke about all the same thing we speak about now, politics, his love life, lack of my own and what people were really like. He was a romantic if there were ever such a thing as a romantic pessimist. He wasn’t my shoulder to cry on, he was my first phone call for everything and I was his. He called me when he wanted to quit the job, he called me to be his partner when he wanted to start his own business, he called when he started dating a smart girl with substance, he called when he decided to go down on one knee and he even called when he booked his tickets to move halfway across the world forever.

Today I stand at the airport, single as ever, waiting for his flight to land. I still keep replaying his call 2 years back telling me about his divorce, and the recent one telling me he was coming back home. So today as I see him walking out of the airport, I called him before he could spot me to say ‘Hey, do you want to go for a smoke?’.

He spots me, breaks into a smile and says ‘Always’.

Which one did you like the best?

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