Selling Dad’s Watch To Renting Out Novels, Desis Are Tweeting About Their 1st Source Of Income


I’m sure all of you would remember the first time you got monetarily rewarded for your hard work. However big or small your first salary was, that moment is definitely special, right? I can still remember the weird excitement, that proud feeling, and the enthusiasm to work harder with every passing day.

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Well, like us, people online also went down memory lane to relive the moment. It all happened when Twitter user Shweta asked tweeple to share their first income, its source, and at which age they got it, for research purposes.

Soon, people obliged her request and flooded the comments section with honest answers and funny responses. While some said they scored their first ‘salary’ at the age of 12 by selling dad’s watch, others joked how Google Pay was their source to earn Rs 5 at an age of 21.

Take a look at some of the hilarious and punny responses here:

Well, in that case, I would consider the money received from my nani and other relatives during festivals as my first salary. What about you?

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