This Guy’s Dark Confession After He Slept With His Girlfriend Cannot Be Left Unheard


Being a girl, I have always been told to be very assertive to men who try to take advantage of me. “Don’t let anyone touch you or harass you in any way.” And people who have told me this are not wrong. Women safety is a big issue in India, and every woman should be aware of all the laws which would help her to get the offender rightfully punished.

But, did you know, that there are a number of women who have taken undue advantage of law being considerate towards them when it came to sexual harassment and rape issues? According to an independent survey done by Delhi commission of women in the year 2013-14, 53.2% of the registered rape cases were fake. So what can men, who get falsely accused, do?

This short film by Traveling Cinema Shorts is the story of Kabir, who resorted to a very risky and morally wrong solution to stay out of any such fake rut. As unfortunate as his confession sounds, there is a deep-rooted fear behind it, and it has to be heard and addressed.


This short film is an artistic interpretation, and in no way does it promote making sex-tapes.

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