Here Are 12 Ultimate First Date Questions You Can Ask To Spice Up Your Date

First dates can be very awkward and boring sometimes. And for some weird reason, our creative gland stops excreting the innovative juices right that moment. It can be nervousness or the sheer fact that we are not that creative.

So, to spice up the dinner and create a unique and ever lasting first impression, here are 12 amazing opening questions that will set your date on fire. For caution, do carry something to protect yourself, in case the plan backfires.

1. So basically you have been wasting your life


2. Doesn’t it bother you?


3. Or you just didn’t wash you face?


4. Someone has to utilize the restaurant’s free WiFi


5. In exchange of anything…you know


6. Are we? Are we? Are you looking away? Hey don’t leave!


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7. Because clearly, you aren’t wearing enough


8. *smirk* *smirk* *sips wine* *smirk*


9. Oh! I’m sorry that’s rude. Sniff.


10. Because you know, everyone likes it


11. Because.. ahhmm


12. That is how I roll baby

Ready, set, ASK! 😀

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