Hide & Seek! Twitter Tries To Spot The Cat In Picture Of Bookshelf


If you loved playing hide and seek growing up or enjoy the challenge of spotting camouflaged objects, this will be an absolute treat. Journalist Kate Hinds recently shared a photo of her home bookshelf asking people to spot her pet cat Norah who was adopted from a local rescue group 10 years ago, reports The Indian Express.

Can you find the kitty’s secret hiding spot?

While some people gave up or admired the number of books Kate owned, other pet parents said it was easy to find the cat as they were familiar with how feline minds work. Many people compared it to a game of ‘I Spy’ and ‘Where’s Wally?’, take a look.


The kitty is, in fact, enjoying a bit of privacy behind the television and only her white paws are visible. What a purr-fect place for some me-time, don’t you think?

Pet parents, is it true that cats have a particular fondness for bookshelves? Tell us.

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