Filipino Guy Suggests Men To Wear Cotton ‘Nighties’ To Beat Heatwave In UK, Gets Lauded

Argue with me all you want but the traditional desi cotton ‘nightie’ or ‘maxi’ is the best thing to wear during summers to beat the heat. It’s easy, breezy, and comfortable. It may look like a fashion disaster for youngsters, but ask the elder ladies in your family for they will vouch for the supremacy of the good old nightie.

In our culture, we call it a “nightie” but in the Philippines, people call it a “duster dress”. It is made out of cotton or linen and turns out that guys wear it too! A Filipino author named Jill Damatac took to Twitter to suggest men living in the UK to wear the loosest duster dress they can find to beat the heatwave.

And innumerable people online showered love on the tweet and extended their support to the idea.

Many pointed out that men should let go of “forced masculinity” and just wear what’s comfortable in the summers. People from other parts of the world shared how they have nighties too, just that they have different names for them.

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Surviving climates, generations and several countries, humble nighties live on! 😛

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