Fiji Water Girl Steals The Limelight At The #GoldenGlobes, Netizens Say ‘A Meme Is Born’

The Golden Globes 2019 went down last night and they were every bit as glitzy and glamourous as we’d hoped. Hollywood celebrities turned out in their best and posed at the red carpet. Sandra Oh & Andy Samberg were amazing hosts. The year’s best films and actors won awards. And the internet got a new star! Fiji water girl!

Fiji water girl photobombed many A-listers and stole their thunder.

Netizens have given her ‘The Best Supporting Actor’ Award

But who is she? Why is she serving water on the red carpet?

As it turns out, she’s not a celebrity or a protestor. She’s actually a Los Angeles-based model and actress Kelleth Cuthbert. She was hired by the brand Fiji Water (official water brand of the Golden Globe Awards) to make sure Hollywood stars weren’t thirsty on the red carpet. Yes, you read that right. Her job was to stand and hold bottled water. And from the instant rise to popularity, it’s safe to say she killed her assignment.

The internet loves her and thinks the company should give her a bonus for a job well done.

  1. The surprise breakout star of 2019

2. Stealing the limelight

3. Marketing at its finest

4. Making headlines

5. She should!

6. Someone made a Twitter handle in her name

7. Don’t let the fame get to your head

8. The brand is pleased

Have to hand it to her, she took a mundane job and made the best of it. And she does look at home and completely nonchalant around all the stars, don’t you think? Full marks for rocking the blue dress!