‘Feminist’ Monopoly Pays Women Players More Than Men, Netizens Say ‘This Isn’t Feminism’

There have been major changes in popular culture ever since more and more people have been participating in the feminist dialogue. From film industries making more female-centric content, stories of powerful women being told in ‘fairy tale’ books, Barbie dolls being made more inclusive of all cultures and sizes, we have witnessed a more “equal” approach.

However, the popular board game ‘Monopoly’ tried making a new ‘feminist’ version of the game and completely messed up. The new version paid female players more money than men and this has sparked massive outrage online.

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According to sources, in the game, female players will receive £240 (Rs. 21K) for passing go, while males will only receive £200 (Rs. 17K). Hasbro, the company responsible for the new edition of the popular board game, claimed that it released ‘Ms. Monopoly’ to celebrate women empowerment.

In addition to that, a female mascot replaced the “white moustached, top-hatted male mascot” which previously appeared on top of the box of the game. Also, instead of buying property, players could buy “shapewear” and chocolate chip cookies.

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In an official statement issued by Hasbro, they said “It’s a fun new take on the game that creates a world where women have an advantage often enjoyed by men.”

Another area where Hasbro attracted a lot of criticism is that the concept of ‘Monopoly’ was invented by a woman named Elizabeth Magie who wanted to educate players on capitalism. According to reports, the entire credit of the game goes to Charles Darrow, who sold the game to Parker Brothers in 1935.

“I think if Hasbro was serious about women’s empowerment, they could start by admitting that a woman invented the game,” said Mary Pilon, a former reporter for The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, and the author of The Monopolists, a 2015 history of the board game.

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The game has drawn a significant amount of flak online. People went on to point out how Hasbro has got the concept of “feminism” completely wrong and that it doesn’t mean giving women “preferential treatment and free handouts”.

Mass distribution of a game which tries sending a completely inaccurate message about feminism is nothing but toxic. What is your take on this? Let us know!