Guy Shares AI-Generated Pic Of Fawad Khan As ‘Batman’ & The Internet Is Manifesting A Film

Honestly, after I witnessed Fawad Khan in the ‘Ms Marvel’ series by the MCU, I lost my calm. As much as I was drooling over him, I couldn’t not think about what a waste it would be if he is never cast as a superhero. At a time when South Asians are starting to get represented in superhero films, wouldn’t it be so cool to see Fawad Khan essaying the role of a superhero?

Well, a guy named Saboor Akram used artificial intelligence to find out how it would be like if Fawad Khan played the role of Bruce Wayne AKA Batman in a film called ‘Batman: Knights of Karachi’.

The poster shows Fawad dressed in a crisp black suit with vintage cars surrounding him. Take my money and give me a ticket!

That’s not all. This fictional story has Mahira Khan playing the role of Barbara Gordon.

There is also a Court of Knights and it looks dope!

Have a look at Saboor’s tweet here:

As the picture of Fawad Khan as Batman went viral, the internet collectively lost its calm! While some are manifesting this, others said that Fawad would make a better Batman than Robert Pattinson. Here’s a look at some of the reactions:

Somebody turn this into a movie!

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