Angry At His Son’s Mobile Phone Addiction, Hyderabad Father Chops Off Son’s Wrist

Mobile phones have ruined our lives. And nobody believes in this proclamation as adamantly as parents. From a stomach ache to a carpel tunnel, from bad marks to bad relationships, everything, according to our parents, is because of a mobile addiction. If parents’ mood was the weather, then watching kids on their mobile phones is the equivalent of a tornado.

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Now, I am’ not saying they’re completely wrong. We all are a tad bit too attached our phones. And letting this addiction get the better of children’s lives is not cool at all. But what this father in Hyderabad did to his son is definitely NOT a cure to this addiction.

A man in the Pahadishareef region of Hyderabad was so frustrated with his son’s mobile phone addiction that he chopped off his son’s wrist!

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According to DNA, The man who committed this brutal act was 45-year-old Mohammed Qayyum Qureshi, an electrician. His son, the victim, was Khaled Qureshi, a 19-year-old who worked as a cable operator.

Khaled would enjoy watching movies for hours on end on his mobile phone, which would irk his father immensely.

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On several occasions, Qayyum had warned his son to sleep early but his Khaled continued to ignore his father. This led to an intense altercation between the two on Sunday night. When Qayyum tried to snatch away the phone, Khaled resisted and bit his father’s hand in retaliation.

However, despite this fight, Khaled remained glued to his mobile screen, unperturbed.

In the early hours of Monday morning, when Qayyum spotted his son continuing to disobey his orders and watching movies on his phone, he took a butcher’s knife to Khaled’s right hand and chopped it off.

The other family members woke up to Khaled’s loud screams and rushed him to a local hospital.

According to the police, Khaled’s wrist has been close to 90% detached from his hand, leaving barely any chance of attaching it back again.

There is a high possibility that Khaled’s hand will not be able to gain full capability. The police have registered a case against Qayyum and arrested him.

I’m sure as a parent, many would be wondering how far they would go to cure their child of their cell phone addiction? But I’m sure, it would never be such monstrous lengths.