Delhi Man Poisons Wife’s Lover By Hiring Fake Covid-19 Medics To Give Him ‘Corona Cure’

Suspicion and jealousy are two things that should never exist in a relationship. After all, baseless doubt or envy can put an end to any happy bond. And, in some cases, it might also lead to dire consequences. For instance, a husband glued his wife’s genitals shut because he doubted her of having an affair.

Speaking of such bizarre incidences, recently, a man hired fake COVID-19 healthcare workers to poison his wife’s supposed lover. The man, identified as Pradeep, suspected that his wife was having an affair with a home guard, reports NDTV.  So, in order to take revenge, he hired two women to poison the guard and his family.

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The women posed as health workers tackling coronavirus. They went to the victim’s house in north Delhi’s Alipur area and offered him medicine that allegedly prevented COVID-19. In reality, the women had given the man and his family members a bottle filled with a poisonous liquid. When the family drank the liquid, they fell ill.

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Gaurav Sharma, DCP (Outer North), was quoted saying by the Indian Express, “The family ingested the liquid and fell sick. They were rushed to a nearby hospital by their neighbours. They are recovering.”

Cops identified the women through CCTV footage. “We traced their address and detained them. They told us they had been hired by a man, who wanted to ensure the whole family ingests the poison,” DCP Sharma was quoted saying.

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According to the police, the two women worked in a departmental store owned by Pradeep. He reportedly paid them Rs 200 each to poison the family. The accused has been arrested and a case has been registered. While the man and his family are safe and recovering, we feel taking revenge is never a solution.

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