8 Non-Existent English Phrases That We Indians Have Invented

We Indians love being in the limelight. And why not? We are a colourful nation, with an equally colourful history, people and languages. So much so, that we have taken the liberty to coin up some words that were erstwhile unseen in the dictionary:

1. Prepone

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It is the exact opposite of postpone, and well although such a word did not exist, we still made it happen.


2. We are like that only

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‘We are like that’ makes sense. The phrase stops sounding grammatically correct as soon as you add the only at the end, but well, we are like that only.


3. Passing out

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Most often used to ask the year in which you graduated. If only the creators of English could see this, they would pass out, literally.


4. Revert back

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Revert means returning to a previous state or condition. So basically if you’re reverting back, that is going back twice to an earlier state! Doesn’t make sense.


5. Do one thing

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Just one? I’m sure if asked in correct English, we’d be ready to do more than one thing.


6. Good name

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Why? Do other people or children have bad names? Well, considering today’s generation I’d say asking for the good name does actually make sense.


7. Cousin brother/sister

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This is something, that has never made sense. For those of you who remember grammar from school, cousin is enough; you don’t have to specify cousin brother or sister.


8. And here’s the final word that’s going in my dictionary – MUNCHification

MUNCH – brand of Nestlé has introduced us to MUNCHification which is the attitude of not just going to town with your imperfections, but also embracing them in the most heroic way possible.

Although this word is pretty new to the Indian vocabulary, it’s a word that we Indians definitely need to use more often.

Let the MUNCHification begin. 🙂

This story is brought to you in association with Nestlé MUNCH

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