Girl Shares Encouraging Comments Her Mother Wrote On Her Copies After Bad Test Results

There are two kinds of parents in this world – one, who are really strict when it comes to the performance of their kids during exams and two, who encourage their kids to perform better next time instead of throwing a fuss and scolding them. The kids from the first kind often end up with complex insecurities and performance anxiety while the kids from the second kind don’t need external validation to prove their worth.

Similarly, a girl named Zainab took to social media to share how her mother used to leave encouraging comments on her copies when she performed rather poorly. For example, there was one test on which she wrote, “Dear, it is so courageous to own this result.”

“Found my grade 6 math notebook and love how precious mother was signing every bad test with an encouraging note for me!” Zainab wrote while sharing pictures from her copies.

In another copy, the mother wrote, “Koi gal nahi”, in Urdu.

Have a look:

Several people lauded such kind of supportive mothers who do not attach their kids’ worth to exam results and shower them with love no matter what. Here’s a look at some of the reactions:

Having such parents is truly a blessing!

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