A Diamond Encrusted Emirates Plane Is Shocking People, But All That Sparkles Is Not Real!

If you wanna know real luxury, one of the places you can visit is the UAE. Dubai is where luxury malls are a-plenty, the infrastructure is sky high (Yo Burj Khalifa, wassup?), and the cars are a Fast & Furious fantasy come true. The ladies may be clad as per Islamic customs, but their outfits are designer, exquisite ones with oodles of bling, shining as they step out of their Porsches and Lamborghinis.

Cradled in this lap of luxury, if you see a picture of an airplane encrusted with diamonds and precious stones, would you be stunned? Yes! But would you be surprised? Hell na!

That’s what happened when Emirates Airline’s official Twitter account shared this bling AF picture of the most glamourous airplane ever!

Rightly christened Bling 777!

Now you when that airline bling, it can only mean one thing! Twitter totally accepted that this weird flex just had to be from Dubai!

Airports already started making googly eyes at the plane! Here’s a tweet from Dulles Airport, Washington, USA!

Sing: You used to call me on my ATC, late night when you need my permission to land!

The other reactions were rather hilarious too!

From another #JustRichPeopleThings joke to turning the picture into a meme, we got everything!

A true connoisseur of art, this one!

Hey! Is there even a thing like too much highlighter?

This isn’t extra! Is it?

If anyone’s planning to get me anything for Christmas, I’m a size Swarovski-encrusted airplane!

These wings were made for flying!

Dekhna ka bhi charge lagega, maidam!


If there was anything that deserved this meme, it was this plane!

Now for everyone who’s been singing Gwen Stefani’s ‘If I was a rich girl’ in their head while looking at this plane, get ready for the most cliché heartbreak of all time. It is NOT REAL!

And indeed it is, just some really amazing, sparkly, shiny art! In fact, Emirates even tagged the artist in their tweet.

Sara Shakeel is a Pakistani dentist-turned-artist who is quite popular on Instagram for her sparkling artwork!

Sara had shared the picture on her Instagram!

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Waiting for my Ride 💎 . . So Ladies & Gentlemen , I am officially flying to #milan to fall in love with #art #culture #italy to witness the love #glamourtalentawards has to offer ! I have to remind myself & all of you again and again, This all happened cause some of you prayed & some sent love 💕 to the universe & God just had to make it happen!! Just an ordinary big eyed – hopeful artist trying to live the best out of the world has to offer! Love you and thank you!!! Can’t wait to share everything with you all! . . . P.s I got a freaking upgrade to #milano !!!! . . . #art #artwork #collageart #artist #vision #fly #high #flying #godisgreat #pink #clouds #hope #lovemyjob #plane #emirates #flyhigh #arte #crystalart #crystalartwork #travel #travelphotography #blog

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In an interview with Forbes, Sara talked about why crystals and bling are a thing in her art.

“Crystals and diamonds are my mediums of looking through this world! Bright, shiny, valuable and something to be taken care of, you must have noticed how I add crystals and diamonds to the most ordinary objects of everyday life.”

And indeed, she does. Check out some of her work!

Oooh these fries would definitely come before guys!

Si bella!

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✨This is something I have to share!!! 🌸Remember 2 days ago I announced my #nomination for Best Visual Artist for Glamour Talent Awards and how I had to fly to #milan but was waiting for my visa ! Waiting for a miracle ! Everyone of you ! I mean each and EVERYONE OF you messaged me , commenting , letting me know I’ll get my visa and praying for it! Well I have to share this GOOD GOOD NEWS with you! ( cause I swear to GOD I WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS) The very next day I got a call from the embassy , got an appointment, and today , the second I entered the room , with sweet Christmas celebration items scattered here & there, the woman came to me smiling , telling me that she knows me since the day I started my #glitterstretchmarks series and was a huge fan of my work! I mean wow! I just looked up at the sky! Smiling ! Thanking each and everyone of you for praying for me!!!!! My art! So to cut the story short!!!! Ladies & Gentlemen ! I am officially heading to Milan for the @glamouritalia Talent Awards !!!! & I Can’t wait to share the love with all of you 💎💎💎💎💎 and once again THANK YOU! For the power of love and prayers!!!!! It is you and will ALWAYS BE YOU! My ART IS YOU! 🙏🇮🇹 . . . CollageArt SaraShakeel . . . #art #italy #collageart #artwork #vision #patience #europe #travel #travelblogger #milan #milano #crystals #diamonds #hope #italian #lovemyjob #glamourtalentawards #god #godisgood #fashion

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Hello kitty!

Sparkle like the star you are!

Well, let’s not worry. Pretty sure some rich kid of Instagram might make this happen IRL pretty soon!