‘Boss I Am Drunk’: Drunk Employee Sends His Boss The Cutest Messages, See Screenshot

A lot of people tend to call or text their friends and partners when they are drunk. Seldom you’ll come across a person who drunk dials their parents or even worse, their boss! However, this case is an exception.

Siddhant, the Lead Engineer at a company named One Impression who heads a team of 13 engineers, shared a screenshot of the messages he received from an employee working under him. The employee was drunk and he thanked his boss for trusting him and pushing him. He said that he was lucky to have Siddhant as his boss and asked him to appreciate himself.

Here’s a look at his tweet:

Siddhant went on to reveal that he and his team have been working closely for 2 years and the person who sent him these messages is one of the best frontend engineers he has worked with.

People online found this tweet incredibly wholesome and said that Siddhant must be an amazing leader to have received such messages. Here’s a look at some of these responses:

Such a cute boss-employee relationship!

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