Here Are 23 Of The Best Photos From Dronestagram’s Drone Photography Contest

Although the concept of using drones to take photographs has been contested a lot of times, we must admit that the end result is quite stunning. And since Dronestagram holds an annual contest to see who aces it, they get access to some of the most jaw-dropping pictures taken with the help of a drone.

Dronestagram recently concluded its fifth photography contest, which required them to sift through thousands of photographs and arrive at three. So, here are the winners.

1. Hungry Hippos by zekedrone

Image source

2. Fishing Net in Vietnam by Trun Pham

Image source

3. 2 People, 2 Dogs & 4 Shadows by qliebin

Image source

That said, the rest of the drone photography entries were top stuff as well. So, here’s 20 of them that will soothe your visual senses:

1. Country Germany by photographersWorld

2. Are we all worthless when mother earth speaks by infectedfpc

3. Forest Germany by photographersWorld

4. Cow nest Germany by photographersWorld

5. Land road Germany by photographersWorld

6. Winter Wonderland by AndriusA

7. A frosty morning by Dron Expert

8. Rail trail bike life by Milo Allerton

9. Fun family by raggafran

10. Swimming with sharks by bachirm

11. Where the muddy river meets the ocean by JGalamba

12. Colores de tamul by jelipegomez

13. Wet desert by dammori

14. Lava field flow by Milan Photo

15. Birds Lubin Poland by Dron Expert

16. Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower by Vaidas

17. Fishing village by Alex Visbal


18. Italy by Gianluca Turra

19. In the salt field by TrungPham

20. Train land on Christmas by photographersWorld

So, which are your favourite drone photographs? And does these pics make you want to buy a drone and get clicking? Let us know in the comments

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