Man & His ‘Surily’ Doggo Sing Together, Create New Musical Raag Named ‘Bhaokaar’


A dog is a human’s best friend. And here’s why – Not only do they comfort us during difficult times but they also lovingly fight over food just like our bhukad besties. Also, another fun activity that you can enjoy with your adorable four-legged BFF is singing. Yes, you read that right.

Recently, in a video shared online, a man can be seen performing a ‘musical jugalbandi’ with his pet. Comedian-writer Rohit Nair shared a video of him and his doggo Zoe singing a unique creation called ‘Raag Bhaokaar’, reports Indian Express. In the clip, Rohit can be seen humming high and low pitches as Zoe perfectly imitates him.


Have a look at the pitch-perfect jugalbandi:

Many people were left impressed by the duo’s spectacular performance:


However, this is not the first the duo hit a musical chord with the audience:

I am surely ending my day on a pawsitive note with this magical creation. How about you? Tell us!

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